Mine Compliance

Help your team dig to plan, reach their targets and stay on track for maximum productivity.

Increase in # of compliant trucks*
Saved when digging to plan*
Improvement in compliance to mine design*


  • Minimize deviations from the mine plan
  • Accurate reconciliation of actual vs planned machine work locations
  • Precision bench height control and material identification
Digital Terrain Mapping
Digital Terrain Mapping

Digital Terrain Mapping

  • Uses a LIDAR scanner to provide real-time information
  • Provides a continuous reconciliation process for the operator
  • Real-time visualisation of actual terrain vs design in 3D.
  • Reduces errors and unplanned handling
  • Improve short and long-range forecasts
  • Remove surveyors from hazardous areas
  • Easily import your plans from most mine design applications available.

For more information download our DTM brochure here 

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

These are the areas expected to benefit from our Mine Compliance modules:

  • Move, load and dig sequencing
  • Mine plan compliance
  • Bench height control
  • Material identifications
  • Over and under digging
  • Less than a 3-6 month return on investment
A complete mine compliance solution

A complete mine compliance solution

Real-time operator feedback. Note how easily an operator and supervisor can quickly assess how well they are digging to plan.

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