Mine Compliance

Help your team dig to plan, reach their targets and stay on track for maximum productivity.

Increase in # of compliant trucks*
Saved when digging to plan*
Improvement in compliance to mine design*


  • Minimize deviations from the mine plan
  • Accurate reconciliation of actual vs planned machine work locations
  • Precision bench height control and material identification
Material Classification
Material Classification

Material Classification

Material Classification reduces operator errors that can lead to blocks needing to be re-handled or reallocated, causing production delays onsite.

  • Reduce ore waste and misallocated material
  • Improve blend tracking
  • Reduce material mixing
  • Improve visibility of loaded materials
  • Actual truck tonnage instead of fill factors.
Digital Terrain Mapping
Digital Terrain Mapping

Digital Terrain Mapping

  • Achieve greater mine plan compliance by giving guidance to operators to stay on track and on plan.
  • Limiting over and under digging of highwalls and benches.
  • Improvements to ramp grades and widths; resulting in less wear on RDs and one-way traffic issues = increase coal mining performance.
  • Reduction in digging into coal roof and coal left under spoil toe. More coal to Plant.
  • Reducing excessive dumping in one spot to build benches = reduction in required dozer push and dragline overhand to prep bench for use. Keeping to the schedule.
  • Highwall and Lowwall failure detection – fast turn-around of data to make the right decisions.
  • Better alignment to the design, forecast, and schedules – Less re-work by engineers

For more information download our DTM brochure here 

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

These are the areas expected to benefit from our Mine Compliance modules:

  • Move, load and dig sequencing
  • Mine plan compliance
  • Bench height control
  • Material identifications
  • Over and under digging
  • Less than a 3-6 month return on investment
A complete mine compliance solution

A complete mine compliance solution

Real-time operator feedback. Note how easily an operator and supervisor can quickly assess how well they are digging to plan.

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