Rope Shovel and Hydraulic Excavator Monitor

Improve production by up to 16%. Guaranteed

An advanced monitoring system designed to manage payload, mine compliance and machine health for electric and hydraulic loaders - all makes, all models.

Increase in Cycling Dig Rate*
Reduction in Load Times*
Increase in Payload Compliance*
Improvement in Bucket Fill*
 Improve Production

Improve Production

Every 1% improvement in shovel productivity can increase profits by up to 3%

  • Improve operator technique and performance
  • Provide real-time feedback, in-seat coaching and peer benchmarking
  • Support fast, confident decision making on a range of production, mine planning, truck loading and maintenance tasks

Argus will typically boost your shovel productivity between 3 to 16% whilst lowering the cost per ton moved. Time after time our customers have demonstrated that once the Argus system is adopted their improvement is consistent and sustainable. A fully integrated, easy to use and interoperable system.

Reduce Cost. Increase Profit.

Reduce Cost. Increase Profit.

 Argus delivers actionable, accessible information guaranteed to improve your bottom line.

  • Guaranteed ROI. Productivity payback within 6 months*
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs
  • Save millions of dollars annually by improving shovel output

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Fully Interoperable

Fully Interoperable

All MineWare systems can connect and integrate with any 3rd party system using our standard API.

Currently integrated with the more popular systems such as RPM Xecute, Maptek Vulcan, Modular Dispatch, Leica Jigsaw & Caterpillar MineStar..*Based on actual in-field trials and results



Provides accurate bucket by bucket loads being added into each truck against a target payload


Improve mine plan compliance. Dig to plan first time, every time.


Get real-time representation of shovel and bucket positions.


Continual improvement and benchmarking for supervisors and management with KPI scorecards and reporting.


Analyse blast effectiveness and material diggability to reduce machine stress.


Easy-to-use, enterprise-wide dashboard.

Situational awareness
Payload optimisation
Mine compliance
Machine health

Being able to monitor our shovel loading enabled a payload accuracy of 3% compared to other truck-side payload methods that are typically only accurate to 10-15%

Sunhill Mining - Canada

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