Precise. Reliable. Real-time monitoring.   

Pegasys improves operational efficiency, safety and productivity by accurately measuring the performance of your dragline operations. This fully-integrated dragline monitoring system offers unparalleled benchmarking with end-to-end dragline management. 

Real-time actionable information. Anytime. Anywhere.

Pegasys delivers on-board dragline guidance to the operator in real time regarding dragline payload and production, machine location and CCTV vision of critical areas on or around the dragline.

Strain gauges are mounted on critical locations of the machine to provide diggability, stress and structural monitoring information. When coupled to the PLC, real-time information and alarms can be provided and recorded from selected electrical components.

All aspects of the dragline's operational activities are recorded on board. With mRoc Desktop, this information can be accessed off board or off site for real-time or historical analysis anytime and from anywhere in the world.

This allows for faster connections and better decision making regarding dragline operational improvements without having to be on or near the dragline.


A highly-flexible dragline monitoring system, Pegasys can be configured to meet your exact requirements to give planning, production, maintenance or management actionable information they need to make your dragline operations more effective and efficient.

Easy integration.

Pegasys offers seamless integration with existing technology including third party fleet, production and safety systems. All data is made available for post incident investigation and analysis. Modular, Minestar and Minlog are just some of the systems that currently integrate with our Pegasys system. Our open architecture makes any third party integration easy to achieve.


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