Argus raises the bar on payload management

Operating seamlessly across multiple shovels and excavators, Argus delivers pass-by-pass machine guidance and payload information to operators—helping them achieve consistent, accurate truck loading.

MineWare CEO Andrew Jessett says having an independent payload system that directly improves payload consistency results in higher production, less tyre wear, reduced fuel costs and often less trucks. 

“Payload accuracy and consistency is critical to production, yet it’s highly dependent on the performance of individual machine operators,” says Jessett.

“Argus provides operators with real-time visual feedback on board the machine, showing them per bucket what is being loaded onto the truck. This achieves a more even distribution of payload, with fewer overloaded and underloaded haul trucks.

“The results in the field speak for themselves. Our clients are reporting higher production rates, typically with increases of 3 to 16% from payload alone, in addition to improved mine compliance and safety using our Argus guidance and visibility modules.

“Argus has attained these results because the product is intuitive and transparent. Operators get to see the same information that management does; they get the feedback they need to make improvements themselves.”

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