Shovel & excavator payload monitoring delivers productivity by the truckload

Global mining technology leader MineWare believes shovel-based payload monitoring is set to supersede traditional truck-based methods through the delivery of significant cost savings, more accurate data and ultimately, more consistent payloads in trucks


MineWare founder and CEO Andrew Jessett claims variations in operator performance and material properties remain a significant and costly issue for the mining industry globally.

 “Payload is essentially the load carried by a piece of equipment—in this instance, in the bucket of a shovel which is then dumped into the truck,” explains Jessett.

“The key to improving shovel productivity and reliability is to provide timely, accurate and clear data to all stakeholders in the shovel operation, ultimately resulting in more consistent loading practices. Shovel based payload systems can achieve this goal.

 “Traditional truck-based payload methods have inherent challenges such as truck sensor calibration, trucks lacking a weighing system altogether, and the length of time it takes for payload data to reach the operator. These challenges can impact on the accuracy of the information and the usefulness of the data. Keeping a fleet of truck payload systems accurately calibrated is a challenge for any mine site,” he said.

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